Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not So Happy Holidays…

I was so excited to start making some really fun Christmas manis… Christmas is my favourite holiday, so festive and warm even though its cold out. All about family and friends and being so happy an jolly and merry. I really love the whole feeling and atmosphere of the holiday season.

But the unfortunate point of my lovely holiday story is... I broke all my nails! Every single one! I do not know how this happened!!

Okay, maybe I do. Dry, cold, windy, bitter, brittle winter. Boo on you! Its so cold and I am travelling back and forth to school and home with a big luggage to haul around. Sure I should have taken a bit better care of my nails, but to break all of them over a weekend right at the time I was starting holiday manis! Not fair at all.

I tried to overcome my great grief (you guys must understand my pain…) but the only way I can do pretty holiday manis will be on some fakes until mien grow back. And oh boy, am I telling you, they BETTER grow back before Christmas! I cannot imagine a Christmas Eve without gorgeous holiday Konadding! I need my nails back.

Please Santa, that is my only wish..

So, as Santa reads my heartfelt blog post about what it is I really want for Christmas, I can show you what I did with my first (and fake) holiday mani.


These are Nailene fake nails, Short Square size. I filed them down a bit too. The colour is two coats of NYC Quick Dry in a New York Minute (love how fast it dries, super useful for smudgers like me!) in Chelsea. Its a great holiday maroon red, and just screamed Christmas to me when I first got it in the summer. I knew I would be doing something like this with this colour, although I always imagined it on my real nails… okay sorry I’ll stop complaining now.


I stamped one of the snowflake designs off Konad image plate m59 in Konad Special Polish White. This plate was another item where I could just feel holiday ideas pouring out of my brain when I got it. I really love the holidays, I think about them all year long waiting and planning and being so excited!

In the middle of the snowflakes, and as a line near the tip of the other nails, I used a glitter striper I got from Wow Wow Nails, my go to Konad supply store. The glitter just upped the holiday feel by a million, and got me lots of notice on my mani in the days I wore it.


I love this mani and there is only one thing I would change about it if I could, and yup its the nails I did it on. But overall, good start to my holiday ideas and I am super excited to do more!

What about you guys, how do you feel about the Christmas holidays and manis to go along with the season?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm really sorry to hear about your nails. I can truly undersand that... :| Still, don't you think your nails will grow slower with your falsies on? I couldn't say, since I never wore any. I'm sure your nails look awesome even if they are short... Take advantage of this and do them some treatments, growth serums, oils and any other you don't usually do. (I know because I am never patient enough to do them, only if I'm "forced" to...) Anyway, no matter what you decide, hope your nails will grow a loooooooot until Christmas! ^_^

KarenD said...

Sorry about the breaks! I'm not sure I would have known these were fake nails if you hadn't said so. I've seen some great stamping and other art on short nails so maybe you can think of this as a chance to try different things.

ThRiSzHa said...

i love it..

shortwidenails said...

i'm so sorry about your break =( I'm sure you're nails will grow in time. maybe take some vitamin supplements? if you didn't mention it I would not have noticed that they were fake nails =)

Ice Queen said...

Bummer about your nails. I hope that they grow back fast.

I love Christmas. The sparkle, the lights and colours and fun. I love to decorate and do Christmas-ey manicures, too. :D

Nail Junkie said...

Wow, this is so amazing. Thanks you girls for the kind supporting words, you are all so wonderful.

Joelle said...

woow I love this mani its awesome it gives you a bit of a christmas feeling,,
I have my own blog as well ,
just started and I'm not as good as you are,
good you please follow me?


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