Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do You Sea Those Green Eyes?

Wow, when I blog I really think I am so funny. I know I’m really not, sorry guys for all my lame jokes haha.

In fact I do not have green eyes, and yeah I spelled see like the water (sea) as a play on words about a sea green coloured eye makeup look. Was it funny? Probably not. Does it look good though? I think so.


I used Wet N Wild i-Shimmer retractable eye pencil. It is a sea green eyeliner with sparkle in it, and is called number 969 or 696, since it is a pencil I cannot tell which way is up or down. I really like the smooth creamy feel of this pencil, and although generally I make a mess with eyeliner this one was fairly easy to use.


I used Wet N Wild “color icon” eye shadow in Pride. This is a six colour set, including three matte shadows and three high-pigment shadows. They are also in the sea green and blue range, and it is no wonder because I bought the two products together. There are two whites, one shimmer one not, and the shimmer seems a slightly off white almost cream or ivory. Then two sea greens, one with shimmer that is a bit more dull where as the matte one is brighter (hence the high-pigment). Then there are two navy blues, one with shimmer one not, but in this case I think the shimmer one is slightly brighter and the matte more dull. 

I only used the sea green shimmer shadow in this eye look. I think what really makes it is the mascara. This mascara is wonderful, but only a sample size. I got it as a gift with purchase at Clinique (where I buy face wash and such) and now I know to always plan my purchases. I have gotten great luck every single time I get a free sample size mascara from Clinique. I literally live of them. They are my favourite mascara but much too expensive for me to buy a full size tube. I just wait and plan my face wash buying until there is a gift with purchase.


This on is called Clinique “high impact” mascara. I just really love everything about it. The colour is 01 Black and the brush is amazing. It applies super thick, but not in a clumpy way. It always makes me look like I have such dark, full, lush lashes. they look so long and healthy too. The other thing about this mascara is that it does not look too fake. Like I said, they look dark and full, but they do not look like each individual lash is perfectly defined, which I find could look fake.

So, there we have it, my makeup for the other day.

What do you guys think?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wild at Heart Captured My Heart


This is my second holo ever, it is also Color Club. It is called Wild at Heart, and I have heard many good things about it, even on my last holo post in a comment.

I love the rainbow of glittery colours that show up on this wonderful rich purple background. From a distance you can see the multi-colour holo effect all over the polish. From close up you can see each individual glittery piece (see below).


The first finger you can see the pieces very individually and clear, even though it is blurry. As the fingers move on (second) you can see how they start to blend together. Once you reach the third finger in this image you see the holo effect all together as one polish.

I am really loving holo polishes, I know I am late on the trend but I just got them and love them! Thanks again Elizabeth!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured Follower Friday - 2

Wow, a week come and gone so fast! University life is really busy, I can't believe it. It feels like I just started school yesterday but it really has been nearly a month! And now it is Friday again, so I have another Featured Follower to show you today!

This week it goes to…


KarenD has a wonderful blog called Frazzle and Aniploish and it really is one of my favourites. I always see great swatches and she has something that I do not see on other blogs which is store displays!

KarenD always has the latest polish displays and collections that she spots on stores. I love seeing those because it gets me excited to see what is currently in stores and what I may be seeing on shelves soon.

Joe Fresh

Her swatch photos are so crisp and clear, and look beautiful every time. The colours are great and the photos are always so close up, which I love to see on polish blogs.

Another thing I love about this blog is the way she labels her posts. The labels go by colours, finishes, brands, techniques, and post types. It makes it super easy to look around and find things and it is so organized!

Keep it up KarenD, your blog is really nicely done and I love looking at it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My First Holo!

I am beyond excited! Thrilled! Ecstatic!

Seriously this is stunning and shiny and beautiful and I cannot believe I have lived 18 years without this on my fingertips!

Let me tell you how this came to be…A wonderful and very kind woman, Miss Elizabeth from Lacquered Lizard, knew how much I was looking for a good holo, my very first, and how I really wanted to try one but had not been able to find one around where I live. I had actually never even seen one before. Anyways, she kindly said that she would find me something and she was sure I would love it.

Well, she was right! I went home this past weekend from university, and low and behold there is a cute little box waiting for me. After looking inside I was amazed. Not only were the holo polishes gorgeous, but there were so many! She sent me 6 holo polishes!

Thank you so much Elizabeth, you are extremely kind and I appreciate this incredibly.

Now, here is my first swatch of the beauties I am now so happy to have! Obviously a photo cannot capture even close to the magnificent holo multi-dimensional colours of the actual polish, but I do my best. This is Color Club (also happens to be my first of the brand) in Fashion Addict.


Can you see that rainbow reflection in there?!? Wow!


I am in love with this polish. And it is only my first of six holos to try! I can’t wait! I’ll leave you with a stunning close up (ignore my dry cuticles) and you too can marvel at the wonder of holo polish… An entire rainbow on one finger nail..

P1010103 - Copy

What is your favourite holo polish?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Does This Make Me Look Rich?

Okay, crazy thought here, this mani makes me look so gangster! Haha I feel like one of those girls in a music video, with expensive drinks and lots of “bling” and possibly throwing money in the air. Strange huh…


This was done using Konad plate m57 (I need to take a break from this plate, my poor other ones are neglected!) and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gilty Pleasure – does anyone get that? I would understand Glitzy Pleasure or some play on the fact that it is gold, but Gilty? I think I must be missing the reference here..

Anyways, I stamped the cheetah print tip thing (is it a tip, I don’t even know) on all fingers except the ring. I did the full cheetah pattern on that one. I used Wet N Wild in Black Creme to stamp.


It isn’t one of my best but I did feel super rich and fancy walking around with it on, funny feeling, so it stayed for a few days.

Thoughts, comments, what about what mani makes you guys feel really rich?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Featured Follower Friday - 1

Today is the first instalment of my new idea for Featured Follower Fridays.

My first FF this Friday is…. drum roll please….


Her blog is called Konad Addicts, and it is so sweet. Her photos are very clear and her designs are super cute.

Some of my favourite ones she has done include these, and I will explain why I liked them so much.

This one is so fun and bright, but not too crazy. I really love the simplicity of black and white with small dots of colours, and of course being leopard print makes it so much more fun!

I love the colours on this one, and really like how crisply the white shows up over both the black and tip colour. It is a little edgy but still girly, as the dainty floral pattern adds a girly feel to the dark polish underneath.

Recently maRyya made it to 300 followers, congratulations girl!

I like this blog and I think a lot of you will too, so check it out.

Also be sure to follow mine and you could be featured on my next FFF!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Watch Out!

Hey guys,

I realized that this university thing was much different than expected. But I just received an awesome package, tomorrow is the first Featured Follower Friday, and I am home for the weekend so expect something wonderful coming up!

I promise that I will be back on track and posting much more often as soon as I can catch up on all the adjusting that comes with moving away and starting university.

See you all soon and I hope you will enjoy what will be coming in the next few weeks!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Essie Lapis of Luxury

I must say I am so happy I caved and bought myself the resort collection. This is one of my favourite colours now. I could wear this polish for a long time and still love looking at it. Its such a smooth baby blue. Its soft and subtle but enough of a blue pigment to still stand out. This first photo is with no flash, sunlight from my window.


The second had a flash and shows a tiny bit lighter. The polish itself is one notch darker blue than the first photo. It looks like a perfect sky blue. Cloudless and warm on a summer afternoon. I love this polish!


Short post, just because I really love this polish and am super late swatching it. And it reminds me of summer which will soon be gone.. Enjoy!

What polish reminds you of summer days?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random Turquoise & Grapes

So this was a really random design I did while bored at my University Residence without my laptop. I don’t love it and I wish I had left it with just the plain colour because I liked that much better.


The base colour (which I liked a lot) was China Glaze in Four Leaf Clover. The colour in these photos looks a little different than it does in real life. In real life the polish is a more pure green colour, not as minty as it looks in the pictures.


When I ruined it (I mean stamped it…) I used Sally Hansen Celeb City. I stamped the lace/fishnet pattern on plate m57. Then on top of that I used a dark purple from Claire’s (no name sticker on the bottom) to stamp from plate m55.


I used the grape image just because I really like it a lot. I had been wanting to use this image for a long time, but never found a good design. Apparently I still haven’t found a good one because I don’t like this at all.

What do you guys think?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Featured Follower Fridays

Hey guys!

Since I finally got my laptop I am ready to get back into the swing of things and back on track with my blogging. So to start it off I want to introduce something new I would like to do.

I know what it is like to have a blog (obviously) and I would appreciate this if I wasn’t running it. So for you guys I want to have a Featured Follower Friday.

Every Friday I will feature a blog of one of my amazing followers (chosen randomly) so that I can help spread the word of your awesome blogs. I will post a link to your blog as well as some of my comments on why I like it, and even some pictures of designs you have done. That way peopel who stop by my blog will see another one they may want to follow too. I think this will be fun to check out others as well as get some exposure to more blogs out there.

It will start next week since today happened to be a Friday when I decided this. So start following because it could be your turn soon!

Who’s in?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh My Gosh, Jade Is The New Black

Oh my GOSH, I think that Jade Is The New Black!

Haha that is my funny title for this post (at least I think it is funny) about my latest layered mani. I used GOSH Rainbow (looks very similar to the hard to find Hidden Treasure...) and OPI Jade Is The New Black.

Alone, I love JITNB. It has been on my wish list for a while and I finally got it from a swap with a lovely girl on MUA. Then I got GOSH Rainbow from my swap with Sammy a while back.

I decided to try layer the Rainbow over JITNB, and I love it. It looks like a sparkly shiny emerald dragon skin! This shot above shows the shimmery flakies. They shine and glow in green and gold tones, which look really cool in all sorts of lighting.

What do you guys like layering with?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pink & Black Baby Bows

These are super cute and super girly, and actually really simple to do.

The base polish colour is NYC in Midtown. I used two coats and its a really great shiny hot pink.

Then I stamped the plaid pattern on m60 in Konad Special Polish in Princess Pink.

Lastly, I used Wet N Wild Black Creme and stamped bows (I used both sizes but not at the same time) on each finger.

I think that it looks nice from farther away, as just pink and black blows, but if you look closely the other pink plaid adds much more dimension to it. That was my favourite part of this design, and I kept staring at it to see the plaid underneath.

Mommy says the plaid underneath is too subtle and was a waste because nobody notices, but I liked it. What do you guys think?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Stash


I am back home from my first few days at University. It is pretty hectic there, especially with no laptop to keep me updated. I might go crazy if I can't catch up on my favourite blogs!

Here I am (for a few days at least) and I have something special to share with you guys.

Since I moved to my Residence, I organized all my polishes into a drawer. So here goes nothing, this is my stash...

It is not as big as some of the great bloggers out there, but slowly I am growing. People at my school now think of me as the crazy nail polish girl who has an entire drawer to fit it all!

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Missing In Action...I'm Back

Hey everyone, quick post here.

I have been away the past few days moving into my University Residence!

Life on campus is crazy so far, and I did not get my laptop in the mail yet so I can only blog at home.

But just letting you all know I haven't forgotten about you! I will be home later today and back in the blogging world!

Swatch you soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nailene "Starry Night" Tip Fakes

So here are some recent fake nails I have been wearing. Unfortunately I had a less than stellar experience, which for me is unusual with Nailene fakes. Normally I really enjoy them, they fit very well and are simple to apply. These were still very simple to apply, but the wear was not comfortable.

The size of the nails did not fit me correctly, they were Medium Length and I typically prefer Sport Length or Short. So right away they were annoying me being too long. And since they have a design on the tip, I could not just trim them there or else I would lose the tips.

Then, they felt really wide and were hurting my nail beds to keep on. I ended up only lasting about two days and then the pain did not subside so I had to remove. Removal was torture this time around. It was very difficult to get them off and I caused more pain to my poor fingers.

Needless to say this was not my greatest experience with Nailene Fake Nails.

Now normally I have great experiences, as you can see in a few of my multiple Nailene posts here and here.

I did file them to as short as I could without losing the entire tip, but overall was not happy with wearing these fakes. They look really pretty but the wear was too painful for me to last long with these on.
Better luck next time right?
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