Monday, September 13, 2010

Essie Lapis of Luxury

I must say I am so happy I caved and bought myself the resort collection. This is one of my favourite colours now. I could wear this polish for a long time and still love looking at it. Its such a smooth baby blue. Its soft and subtle but enough of a blue pigment to still stand out. This first photo is with no flash, sunlight from my window.


The second had a flash and shows a tiny bit lighter. The polish itself is one notch darker blue than the first photo. It looks like a perfect sky blue. Cloudless and warm on a summer afternoon. I love this polish!


Short post, just because I really love this polish and am super late swatching it. And it reminds me of summer which will soon be gone.. Enjoy!

What polish reminds you of summer days?


colorfulbottle said...

Really beautiful color=)

KarenD said...

Coral and bright pink say summer to me.

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