Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My First Holo!

I am beyond excited! Thrilled! Ecstatic!

Seriously this is stunning and shiny and beautiful and I cannot believe I have lived 18 years without this on my fingertips!

Let me tell you how this came to be…A wonderful and very kind woman, Miss Elizabeth from Lacquered Lizard, knew how much I was looking for a good holo, my very first, and how I really wanted to try one but had not been able to find one around where I live. I had actually never even seen one before. Anyways, she kindly said that she would find me something and she was sure I would love it.

Well, she was right! I went home this past weekend from university, and low and behold there is a cute little box waiting for me. After looking inside I was amazed. Not only were the holo polishes gorgeous, but there were so many! She sent me 6 holo polishes!

Thank you so much Elizabeth, you are extremely kind and I appreciate this incredibly.

Now, here is my first swatch of the beauties I am now so happy to have! Obviously a photo cannot capture even close to the magnificent holo multi-dimensional colours of the actual polish, but I do my best. This is Color Club (also happens to be my first of the brand) in Fashion Addict.


Can you see that rainbow reflection in there?!? Wow!


I am in love with this polish. And it is only my first of six holos to try! I can’t wait! I’ll leave you with a stunning close up (ignore my dry cuticles) and you too can marvel at the wonder of holo polish… An entire rainbow on one finger nail..

P1010103 - Copy

What is your favourite holo polish?


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

This is awesome on you. What a thoughtful gift. :)

Tassa said...

I love this one, but my favourite holo is Wild in Heart (CC). <3

Nail Junkie said...

Thanks so much!

Wild at Heart is actually the one I am swatching next!

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