Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Stash


I am back home from my first few days at University. It is pretty hectic there, especially with no laptop to keep me updated. I might go crazy if I can't catch up on my favourite blogs!

Here I am (for a few days at least) and I have something special to share with you guys.

Since I moved to my Residence, I organized all my polishes into a drawer. So here goes nothing, this is my stash...

It is not as big as some of the great bloggers out there, but slowly I am growing. People at my school now think of me as the crazy nail polish girl who has an entire drawer to fit it all!

Hope you enjoy!


AggiePigeon said...

lol, the crazy nail polish girl, I am that too amongst my friends, I was even when I lived in the dorms and back then I only had like 10 nail polishes!

Freshie said...

You're about where I am as far as the stash goes, you should show them some of these lucky girls and their helmers then you won't be the crazy one ;)

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