Friday, November 26, 2010

Claire’s Mood Polish Calm/Wild

Okay okay, I have to admit it. I really thought absolutely nothing of the Claire's mood polishes for the past like 10 years I have seen them in Claire's. I never had any interest in them, or maybe I was skeptical. either way i never look twice or though twice to look at them.

How wrong I was!


Now that i know their magic I am in love with these polishes. Currently I only own three, but I will change that soon. The natural gradient tips they create is genius! I love the gradient effect but never would be able to get it myself. Or if I did I would have something ridiculous like seventeen layers of polish on my tips I bet. Anyway, these make it effortless. And so pretty! The photo above was the best I could get of my tips, I think that this shows up a lot more obviously when you have longer nails.


Here is the colour (is it Calm or Wild?) when it is exposed to cold water. Purple with metallic sparkly shimmer to it. So much fun. The only thing I don’t get is the “mood” part, does anyone actually believe that when you get sad or mad or happy or something your skin will turn noticeably colder or warmer? They are really temperature changing polishes, but I suppose mood changing sounded better. 


Here is the polish under hot water. A softer pink with metallic sparkly shimmer, also really nice.

I love both colours it creates, and the gradient. The colour it is when it is not under any water probably varies between people, some are warmer than others I guess, but for me it was pretty much in the middle. A pinky-purple metallic shimmer of greatness! Love it!

These polishes are great fun to play with throughout the day, and the colours look nice too. I love how this allows you to have two completely different colours on at once. Such a great idea, I will definitely get a lot of use and fun outta these babies!

Last thought, I think that these polishes might make kids wash their hands more often because they are just so much fun to watch the colours change!

What do you all think of mood polishes?

Friday, November 19, 2010

FFF - 7

Back to my FFF this week, and its been a while so lets not hesitate, the chosen one is…

Fey, from The Nail Experiment

This blog is really cute and the title just stands out to me. There are really cute Konads on here and some polish brands that I don’t often see such as L’Oreal. I also really like seeing the “things I used” because it is a different type of picture in posts.

Click to enlarge

Some of the Konads on this blog are really unique, and combine many other elements. This mani is really fun, as it has multi-colour Konad, along with a matte tope coat. I really like it and am glad to find something so refreshing.

Other things in her “experiment” include other nail art tools, such as dotting. This one was one of my favourites and it looks super fun and bright, but easy too!

For a fairly new blog, it has some qualities that I find original and refreshing, so I definitely suggest you check it out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

100th Post – Cheeky Monkey

I know its been a whole week with no post, I was super busy planning out the next few blog weeks. And I really wanted my 100th post to be a good one, so it was finally decided it would be a review of Cheeky Monkey polishes. These polishes were sent to me for review by the company. Cheeky Monkey is proudly Big 3 Free.


This brand has stood out to me for a very long time as an extremely unique company. Each polish has a spicy name, a little message, and on the website there are reader’s stories to go along with the names of the polishes. It is hard to explain in one post, so go to their website, here, and check it out yourself, I promise you’ll be glad you did.


With names like Hot Slut, No Bra, and Camel Toe, I knew I was in for something exciting when I got my package. The three polishes sent to me for review, with great appreciation, from the company, are Romp, Man Chaser, and Wet Dream. The photos above show the colours in their bottle with flash (first photo) and without (second).




This first polish is Romp, a dark purple with awesome reflective-ness, if that is even a word, of different shades of that purple. Its looks really cool in real life, and I tried to show the colour in the three pictures (first = LED light on camera, second = no flash natural light, third = flash). Overall, really good deep purple, nice shine, this was two coats and it had a pretty good application too.




Next one is Man Chaser, a lighter pick shimmery colour, with the same reflectivity as Romp. This one was also two coats, but I still could see a little bit of VNL, which bothers some people but I can deal with it. The pictures are in the same order, and the most like real life is definitely the one with flash. Its so shiny that some spots can appear bald at some angles. Again, could bother some people but not me.




This one is Wet Dream, which is actually my favourite of the bunch. It looks like it has a lot more pigment in the bottle shots, but it really is pretty close to clear. Again, two coats, and the most lifelike shot is the first one (camera LED). My nails are a little yellowed still (I just switched base coats a few weeks ago) but you can see the slightest teal/green hint to the polish. This one applied like a dream (haha like the name) and I really liked it overall. Can’t wait to wear it when my nails look better.




These little messages come on the tags of each polish, and they make me laugh. I really enjoy the sassy feel of Cheeky Monkey and how they push the envelope with really unique names and ideas. Using real life reader sorties that relate to each polish name, and cute little messages on the bottles. Overall this company is really different and pretty high up there on my list.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

FFF Postponed

Hey guys,

Its been a busy week, I had my high school graduation this weekend (on Friday) so my FFF will have to wait.

To make up for it though I have lots coming in the next few weeks!

Fimo canes, a new Konad plate, Cheeky Monkey review, Christmas designs, a huge E.L.F. haul and review, and my giveaway!

So get excited and I'll post soon!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My First Ulta

This is my first ever Ulta polish, I received it in a swap package. I have never seen a single bottle of this brand my entire life, and actually had never even heard of it until I got onto the blogging scene. So since this is new to me I want to give my personal opinion on my first time using this brand. The colour here is Ever Ever After?


Now, the only thing is the colour of the polish I got. Actually it really is the colour of my nails, stained unfortunately. I have never been a fan of sheer polishes, probably because I do not like my own nails showing through. But for purpose of this post I will pretend my nails are nice and clear, not yellow at the tips (before I got my new base coat that actually works).


I really liked this polish, surprisingly. I am a huge pink fan of course, but this just did not speak to me in the bottle. But on my nails (and imagining them cleaner) I really like it. It applied really smoothly, and dried pretty fast. The finish is so shimmery and sparkly it almost disguises my ugly nails underneath. I like how it is sheer but still has some coverage of the colour to it. It shows my white tips (what do you call those technically? VNL?) but I did not mind that, I liked it in fact. It looks sort of like a French mani with a lot of pink sheer shimmer instead of neutral.


Another thing I really liked was the bottle. I like the feel of the cap, similar to the Zoya cap. Easy to hold, easy to undo. The small square shape bottle is really cute and fits well in my small hands (reminds me of Essie). You guys probably do not know this but I really have a hard time with rounded bottles like OPI. My fingers hardly stretch around it so I struggle to hold it, which is why I always have preferred the smaller square shapes such as Essie and Zoya, and now I know Ulta is the same way.

Overall I like this bottle, formula, and colour. Key word though is “like”. I do not love it, I may or may not wear it again. I see it as more of a layering polish or perhaps fro a French mani with a but more shimmer. It really is just my personal opinion though, as I have always preferred bright bold colours to the pale sheer shades.

What about you guys? What do you think of Ulta? What about sheer polishes?

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