Friday, November 26, 2010

Claire’s Mood Polish Calm/Wild

Okay okay, I have to admit it. I really thought absolutely nothing of the Claire's mood polishes for the past like 10 years I have seen them in Claire's. I never had any interest in them, or maybe I was skeptical. either way i never look twice or though twice to look at them.

How wrong I was!


Now that i know their magic I am in love with these polishes. Currently I only own three, but I will change that soon. The natural gradient tips they create is genius! I love the gradient effect but never would be able to get it myself. Or if I did I would have something ridiculous like seventeen layers of polish on my tips I bet. Anyway, these make it effortless. And so pretty! The photo above was the best I could get of my tips, I think that this shows up a lot more obviously when you have longer nails.


Here is the colour (is it Calm or Wild?) when it is exposed to cold water. Purple with metallic sparkly shimmer to it. So much fun. The only thing I don’t get is the “mood” part, does anyone actually believe that when you get sad or mad or happy or something your skin will turn noticeably colder or warmer? They are really temperature changing polishes, but I suppose mood changing sounded better. 


Here is the polish under hot water. A softer pink with metallic sparkly shimmer, also really nice.

I love both colours it creates, and the gradient. The colour it is when it is not under any water probably varies between people, some are warmer than others I guess, but for me it was pretty much in the middle. A pinky-purple metallic shimmer of greatness! Love it!

These polishes are great fun to play with throughout the day, and the colours look nice too. I love how this allows you to have two completely different colours on at once. Such a great idea, I will definitely get a lot of use and fun outta these babies!

Last thought, I think that these polishes might make kids wash their hands more often because they are just so much fun to watch the colours change!

What do you all think of mood polishes?

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