Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awesome Calm, Wild Silly.

This is a design I am actually so excited about! I used Konad plate m69 and two different Claire’s mood polishes. Using the mood polish as a base and the stamping colours makes this mani change colours together. The whole thing looks different every time the temperature of my hands change.


This is the mani when two fingers were one temperature (one colour option) and two were the other. This was a struggle to photograph, since I had to get only two of my fingers under the hot water and two of the fingers cold.


The base colour is two coats of Awesome/Silly and the stamp colour is Calm/Wild. In one temperature The mani is two shades of pink, while the other it is a pink and purple combo. Pretty simple post here, just so happy with this mani, or the idea of using colour changing polishes to stamp with.


Here is a quick shot of the supplies used. I would really like to know what you guys think of using mood polish to stamp with.

So guys, let me hear your thoughts, have you ever used mood polishes for stamping or the base to make your designs change colours?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eyeko Cheeky Colour Blush Duo Glow Getter

This is my second review for an Eyeko product and this one is a blush and highlight duo. It comes in a super cute little box and of course the cute little Eyeko girl is on the cover of the compact. The blusher is a two tone pick set, and has a light iridescent pink on one half and more opaque pink on the other side. The lighter colour is meant for a shimmer and the darker one as a blush.
This compact comes with a small flat brush, but I quickly decided that my large fluffy powder brush is better. I used this over the course of three weeks on and off, and found that it is very much a highlighter on me, and less so a blush.
Here you can see even on the brush it picks up the two elements. On the left side is the pink colour, and the right side is more of the shimmer. They do mix on the skin, but I thought it was kind of cool too see them on the brush.
On the website it says that the colour I have, Glow Getter, is a “pinch of colour for pale skinned beauties” or a “flattering highlighter for dark skinned honeys”. I can see both as being true, since I fall somewhere in the middle and get a mix of both options. My skin is medium tanned, or olive toned. This colour shows up with a slight hint of pink, but would definitely appear more pronounced as a blush on someone with lighter skin. The iridescent highlight shows  up on me as well, but more so as a shimmer in certain lights. On somebody darker it would probably be more contrasting to their skin, and therefore show up better to highlight.
For the application of this product I really like they way it can be lighter or darker for each individual preference. I used it on casual days with just one swipe of my brush, and on days where I wanted more shimmer (such as Christmas Eve and New Years Eve) I applied more. The more I brushed on the more shimmer I got, but the colour didn’t really get any more visible on me. It did get slightly darker, but mostly it was the visibility of the shimmer that got more pronounced.
Unfortunately this product was hard to capture in a photo, but here is my cheek with Glow Getter applied the way I wore it on regular days. The photos are hard to see the but both the pink blush colour and the shimmer are very visible in real life.
Overall I really do like this product, but I would not qualify it as a blush. For me this product is more like a shimmer powder, and works best lightly with my normal day to day makeup or more layered for a night out with more sparkles. I love the way this product applies and how light it feels on my skin. As always, super cute packaging and I would surely advise other to try an Eyeko Cheeky Colour Blush Duo, but pick your own shade accordingly ladies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oldie But Goodie

This mani was from a long time ago, and I just stumbled across the picture. I actually meant to post it right away because I really liked it, but this just proves how busy my new University life is.

I am definitely liking the colour choice for fall (yeah it is more like winter now, but it was from way back). I used a new to me polish by OPI, Mauving to Manitoba. This polish was from the Canadian Collection, which I feel (sort of) close to. Although I do not live in Manitoba, the colour and the fact that it had something to do with Canada made me buy it a few weeks back. I have used it a couple times since, and always hover over it when choosing my next polish colour, so it stood the test of repetition.

The colour is different, its a pinky purple shimmer metallic shade and the formula is really good. It was pretty much opaque but my application sucks so I had to use 2 coats to even it out. In different lights it looks much lighter or darker, clearly this is the dark version (anyone else notice how dingy the lights in a dorm room can be? Clearly polish swatching is not a normal University dorm activity…). The lighter it gets the more pink it seems, and the darker the light it turns more to a purple maroon colour. At least in my eyes.

I don’t have any other colour like it, so I’m happy I bought it then. For this mani I used Wet N Wild Black Creme to stamp with on Konad plate m69. Originally I was drawn to this plate for the flower design, but have come to notice I use this one much more often.


Anyways, I really like the colour and the stamping pattern, so I ended up happy with the combo.

What do you guys think?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Eyeko London Lips Shoreditch

This is my first review of Eyeko products, and as I have mentioned before I am falling in love with this brand and all the products. The packaging is so adorable and sweet. The cute little face of the girl with the butterfly in her hair is the Pretty London logo and really draws me to the products. Browsing the website is really enjoyable and all the products are fun to look at.


So the product today is London Lips in Shoreditch, which is a lipgloss in a squeeze tubes. The look is super cute with little pictures of London icons on the tube, including Big Ben and Double Decker busses. This particular colour, Shoreditch, claims to be a “creamy rose” colour. And in my eyes it comes pretty close. Its very much a sweet pink colour with enough pigment to not qualify as a baby pink but not cross the line to a red. Its a really pretty colour and I like think its very versatile since it isn’t too light or too dark.


Now, I feel a little awkward posting such close up shots of my lips, but I’ll give it a go. Here are my lips completely blank.


And here with a coat of Shoreditch. You can really see the pretty pink glossy colour, but what you can’t tell is the yummy smell it has. Its so fruity and delicious I want to eat it almost. I love it because it looks and smells great, and is so cute and simple to put on. It definitely shows up a lot lighter on than in the tube, which may be bad for some who would be expecting a different colour. I however was pleased with it because in the tube it looks a little too pigmented for my liking. I really love the rosy pink girly colour.


The wear on this gloss is really nice, and follows through on the claims from the company. The website says that it will be “long lasting colour and non-stick shine” and I found that to be all true. It applied really smoothly and creamy with a great consistency for a lip gloss. Sometimes they are too thin and watery, and flood all over the place, while other times they are thick and goopy and just unpleasant. This one was thick enough to have good coverage and colour, but not sticky or goopy at all.


Overall I really love this product. I wore it for three weeks on and off (I can’t stick to the same lipgloss for that many days in a row) so I got a lot of experience with it. It worked with many different makeup looks and even layered well over other lip products. Its creamy and smooth and not sticky at all. It smells deliciously fruity and sweet, and has a really nice soft rosy pink colour. Way to go Eyeko, you’re getting me hooked!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eyeko Products – My New Obsession

Okay ladies (and gentlemen…do I have any?) here is a brand I fell in LOVE with. Yup thats right, capital letters too. That means its a big deal!

I am pretty sure most of you have heard of Eyeko but if not please check it out here. So many things about this brand add up to make it so amazing to me. The adorable packaging, the affordable prices, and the range of funky yet very useful cosmetics. I first heard about the nail polishes by Eyeko, which have been on blogs around the world and got a lot of attention earlier this year. I went to check them out and really liked a lot of the colours, and the names are really fun. For example, the glittery pink polish is called Chi Chi Polish For Girlie Nails. I’ll show this one later on in the post. Super cute colours, adorable names, and the price? Only 5.50$ for 8.5ml, which is really good for polish in Canada. Once I had decided all of the polishes were wish list worthy, I went to check out the rest of the products.

I had only known the name Eyeko in relation to nail polish, so imagine my surprise when I saw everything from lip stains and glosses to bronzers and tinted moisturizer! All of these items follow suit with cute names and even cuter packaging. My love was growing, but this was only from the website. I wasn’t sure of the products themselves, so I kept debating with myself whether or not to buy anything just yet. Over the course of about two months I visited the website almost every other day, admiring and planning what I would purchase whenever I finally decided. About three weeks ago there was a tweet from Eyeko saying that  there was a surprise grab bag type of thing. I decided now was the time, and for only about 15$ Canadian (it ended up 22.50 with shipping for me) they promised to send at least 30$ worth of product.


London Lips in Shoreditch, Cheeky Colour in Glow Getter, Chi Chi Polish, Magic Bronzer Brush in Rio

When my package finally arrived I was really excited, and upon opening I was even more so. These are the items (in the cutest little baggie) that I received in my grab bag surprise set. To make sure they followed through on the promise, I looked up prices of the items sent. Nail Polish 5.50, Bronzer 8.00, Blush 14.00, Lipgloss 10.00 for a total of 37.50$, beyond what they had even advertised! So now with my great deal, the only other test was of the products themselves. This post is three weeks after for a reason, I wanted enough time to be using these items daily over time to see if they really stand up to my approval. In my results, they exceeded my expectations!

Since this was a lot of talk, I will save the actual review post for tomorrow, starting with the lipgloss, London Lips in Shoreditch. These London Lips claim to be long lasting colour and non-stick shine. I’ll let you know tomorrow the full results, but for now let me tell you I am slowly becoming obsessed with Eyeko.

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