Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eyeko Cheeky Colour Blush Duo Glow Getter

This is my second review for an Eyeko product and this one is a blush and highlight duo. It comes in a super cute little box and of course the cute little Eyeko girl is on the cover of the compact. The blusher is a two tone pick set, and has a light iridescent pink on one half and more opaque pink on the other side. The lighter colour is meant for a shimmer and the darker one as a blush.
This compact comes with a small flat brush, but I quickly decided that my large fluffy powder brush is better. I used this over the course of three weeks on and off, and found that it is very much a highlighter on me, and less so a blush.
Here you can see even on the brush it picks up the two elements. On the left side is the pink colour, and the right side is more of the shimmer. They do mix on the skin, but I thought it was kind of cool too see them on the brush.
On the website it says that the colour I have, Glow Getter, is a “pinch of colour for pale skinned beauties” or a “flattering highlighter for dark skinned honeys”. I can see both as being true, since I fall somewhere in the middle and get a mix of both options. My skin is medium tanned, or olive toned. This colour shows up with a slight hint of pink, but would definitely appear more pronounced as a blush on someone with lighter skin. The iridescent highlight shows  up on me as well, but more so as a shimmer in certain lights. On somebody darker it would probably be more contrasting to their skin, and therefore show up better to highlight.
For the application of this product I really like they way it can be lighter or darker for each individual preference. I used it on casual days with just one swipe of my brush, and on days where I wanted more shimmer (such as Christmas Eve and New Years Eve) I applied more. The more I brushed on the more shimmer I got, but the colour didn’t really get any more visible on me. It did get slightly darker, but mostly it was the visibility of the shimmer that got more pronounced.
Unfortunately this product was hard to capture in a photo, but here is my cheek with Glow Getter applied the way I wore it on regular days. The photos are hard to see the but both the pink blush colour and the shimmer are very visible in real life.
Overall I really do like this product, but I would not qualify it as a blush. For me this product is more like a shimmer powder, and works best lightly with my normal day to day makeup or more layered for a night out with more sparkles. I love the way this product applies and how light it feels on my skin. As always, super cute packaging and I would surely advise other to try an Eyeko Cheeky Colour Blush Duo, but pick your own shade accordingly ladies.

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