Monday, January 3, 2011

Eyeko London Lips Shoreditch

This is my first review of Eyeko products, and as I have mentioned before I am falling in love with this brand and all the products. The packaging is so adorable and sweet. The cute little face of the girl with the butterfly in her hair is the Pretty London logo and really draws me to the products. Browsing the website is really enjoyable and all the products are fun to look at.


So the product today is London Lips in Shoreditch, which is a lipgloss in a squeeze tubes. The look is super cute with little pictures of London icons on the tube, including Big Ben and Double Decker busses. This particular colour, Shoreditch, claims to be a “creamy rose” colour. And in my eyes it comes pretty close. Its very much a sweet pink colour with enough pigment to not qualify as a baby pink but not cross the line to a red. Its a really pretty colour and I like think its very versatile since it isn’t too light or too dark.


Now, I feel a little awkward posting such close up shots of my lips, but I’ll give it a go. Here are my lips completely blank.


And here with a coat of Shoreditch. You can really see the pretty pink glossy colour, but what you can’t tell is the yummy smell it has. Its so fruity and delicious I want to eat it almost. I love it because it looks and smells great, and is so cute and simple to put on. It definitely shows up a lot lighter on than in the tube, which may be bad for some who would be expecting a different colour. I however was pleased with it because in the tube it looks a little too pigmented for my liking. I really love the rosy pink girly colour.


The wear on this gloss is really nice, and follows through on the claims from the company. The website says that it will be “long lasting colour and non-stick shine” and I found that to be all true. It applied really smoothly and creamy with a great consistency for a lip gloss. Sometimes they are too thin and watery, and flood all over the place, while other times they are thick and goopy and just unpleasant. This one was thick enough to have good coverage and colour, but not sticky or goopy at all.


Overall I really love this product. I wore it for three weeks on and off (I can’t stick to the same lipgloss for that many days in a row) so I got a lot of experience with it. It worked with many different makeup looks and even layered well over other lip products. Its creamy and smooth and not sticky at all. It smells deliciously fruity and sweet, and has a really nice soft rosy pink colour. Way to go Eyeko, you’re getting me hooked!

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