Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eyeko Products – My New Obsession

Okay ladies (and gentlemen…do I have any?) here is a brand I fell in LOVE with. Yup thats right, capital letters too. That means its a big deal!

I am pretty sure most of you have heard of Eyeko but if not please check it out here. So many things about this brand add up to make it so amazing to me. The adorable packaging, the affordable prices, and the range of funky yet very useful cosmetics. I first heard about the nail polishes by Eyeko, which have been on blogs around the world and got a lot of attention earlier this year. I went to check them out and really liked a lot of the colours, and the names are really fun. For example, the glittery pink polish is called Chi Chi Polish For Girlie Nails. I’ll show this one later on in the post. Super cute colours, adorable names, and the price? Only 5.50$ for 8.5ml, which is really good for polish in Canada. Once I had decided all of the polishes were wish list worthy, I went to check out the rest of the products.

I had only known the name Eyeko in relation to nail polish, so imagine my surprise when I saw everything from lip stains and glosses to bronzers and tinted moisturizer! All of these items follow suit with cute names and even cuter packaging. My love was growing, but this was only from the website. I wasn’t sure of the products themselves, so I kept debating with myself whether or not to buy anything just yet. Over the course of about two months I visited the website almost every other day, admiring and planning what I would purchase whenever I finally decided. About three weeks ago there was a tweet from Eyeko saying that  there was a surprise grab bag type of thing. I decided now was the time, and for only about 15$ Canadian (it ended up 22.50 with shipping for me) they promised to send at least 30$ worth of product.


London Lips in Shoreditch, Cheeky Colour in Glow Getter, Chi Chi Polish, Magic Bronzer Brush in Rio

When my package finally arrived I was really excited, and upon opening I was even more so. These are the items (in the cutest little baggie) that I received in my grab bag surprise set. To make sure they followed through on the promise, I looked up prices of the items sent. Nail Polish 5.50, Bronzer 8.00, Blush 14.00, Lipgloss 10.00 for a total of 37.50$, beyond what they had even advertised! So now with my great deal, the only other test was of the products themselves. This post is three weeks after for a reason, I wanted enough time to be using these items daily over time to see if they really stand up to my approval. In my results, they exceeded my expectations!

Since this was a lot of talk, I will save the actual review post for tomorrow, starting with the lipgloss, London Lips in Shoreditch. These London Lips claim to be long lasting colour and non-stick shine. I’ll let you know tomorrow the full results, but for now let me tell you I am slowly becoming obsessed with Eyeko.

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