Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nailene "Starry Night" Tip Fakes

So here are some recent fake nails I have been wearing. Unfortunately I had a less than stellar experience, which for me is unusual with Nailene fakes. Normally I really enjoy them, they fit very well and are simple to apply. These were still very simple to apply, but the wear was not comfortable.

The size of the nails did not fit me correctly, they were Medium Length and I typically prefer Sport Length or Short. So right away they were annoying me being too long. And since they have a design on the tip, I could not just trim them there or else I would lose the tips.

Then, they felt really wide and were hurting my nail beds to keep on. I ended up only lasting about two days and then the pain did not subside so I had to remove. Removal was torture this time around. It was very difficult to get them off and I caused more pain to my poor fingers.

Needless to say this was not my greatest experience with Nailene Fake Nails.

Now normally I have great experiences, as you can see in a few of my multiple Nailene posts here and here.

I did file them to as short as I could without losing the entire tip, but overall was not happy with wearing these fakes. They look really pretty but the wear was too painful for me to last long with these on.
Better luck next time right?


Savannah said...

Nailene sent me a variety of products to try out and I haven't tried these out but now I want to see how they fit on me. They still look pretty!


maRyya said...

i think they look really pretty!

youknow said...


Salisha said...

Very nice!!! :D

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