Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Time Fake Nails

Here is the story of my very first venture into fake nails. These nails are by Nailene, thanks so much! The ones I used were So Natural, chip proof, short square shape.

This is how my nails began, excuse the slight yellowing (yuck).

Following the directions I buffed and filed, and then applied glue to both my finger (first photo) and the nail (second photo).

Here are the beautiful results! I was very pleasantly surprised, as I never thought I would wear fake nails. These changed my mind right off the bat. They were so easy to apply and look really good!

They say they will last for seven days, and I believe that thoroughly.
They also say that they are chip proof, that I disagree. This is the result I ended up with after only four days of regular wear and tear. Typing, cooking, eating, texting, etc. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. So they did fall through on the no chip part, but seriously I could easily fix that with bit of white polish on top.

Removal was super easy also. I did not follow the instructions though. It says to trim and file, then soak in remover until the nails comes off. I did that for one, and it took forever (well okay only about fifteen minutes).
By the end of my time wearing them, I was able to just pop them off without soaking, which saved time. That means that they were pretty loose by that time, so they do last seven days but I would bet they would fall off if you kept them on any longer. They were loos enough for me to pop them off very easily.

The horror stories I have heard involving fake nail removal had me all worried, and for nothing! Here are my nails after removal (the improper way) and look how not bad they look!
I am extremely impressed as there was very little damage to my nails. There were a few bits of glue stuck but I buffed them away and all was well. They look very similar to my naisl before I started (see top).

This really isn't bad at all. I am very impressed by these nails in all aspects.
Simple and easy to apply. Really pretty to wear. Never got in my way (they were short length so maybe its different with longer ones...). Slight chipping, but hey I can manage. Easy removal.
Overall I really love these fake nails and am excited because I never thought I could like fakes. I am very impressed and would (and already have to my neighbours) recommend these Nailene fake nails.
I would gladly use them many more times. Love It!


Anonymous said...

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Anna & Kristina

Bunny said...

Like your fake nails, they look really great!

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