Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nailene Fake Nails - Compare

Here are my other Nailene fake nails, these are from the Couture collection. Thanks to Nailene for giving me the great opportunity to try and blog about these wonderful products!

If you recall, from my previous post about Nailene So Natural fakes, I loved them. They were amazing to fit, easy to apply, and looked great.

These have two of the above, they were super easy to apply, and look great (not quite as good as the So Natural). But unfortunately I think my fingers are too fat for these nails. They were much skinnier and had more curve to them than the So Natural. Also, these ones were medium length and the others were short. Personally I prefer the short length, and I ended up trimming these ones in order to wear comfortably.

Here is the size comparison of the Couture and So Natural. This is Couture, and you can see they are thinner and more arched.

Here are the flatter and wider So Natural nails.

Basically, it depends on each individuals hands and nails, for me I would go for the So Natural any day, but once I trimmed the Couture they were much easier for me to wear. I feel that the higher arch makes them more susceptible to bubbles with the glue, since they may not reach your actual nail.
The design was so pretty and really great for a quick and easy pretty mani. SO far my first two ventures into the world have fake nails have been very successful and I am thoroughly impressed.

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