Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wow Wow Nails, My Story of Becomming a Nail Junkie

This is the reason I became a Nail Junkie. Here is my story...

A few years ago I saw Konad stamping at a craft fair. There were booths all over but this one caught my eye. It was amazing, to see nail polish in teeny tiny dents in metal plates, squished into your nail. I could not believe it and immediately was hooked.

So I told my mother about the amazing stamping nail polish thing I saw. She did not understand what I was talking about, so I did not get any Konad for my birthday that year. I went to the craft fair again the next year, and saw the Konad stand again. I tried once more explaining to Mommy. Christmas of the next year rolled around, and low and behold she had figured it out.

I received a Konad Kit from a store my Mom had found, called Wow Wow Nails. Wow Wow Nails has quickly become one of my favourite places to shop, online or in person. It is a relatively far drive from where I live, but it is so worth it.

The first time I went in there were really kind ladies who gave me and my mother demonstrations of the products, They showed us new stamping plates and helped me try to do designs on my own.

More recently I have gone back to the store with a friend from overseas. She saw my nails one day, and as many other people are, was amazed at the designs I had stamped on. We explained it to her entire family and everyone was impressed. So we took her to my go-to nail place, to Wow Wow Nails.

Unfortunately with living far and my friend only visiting, we were not going to make it to the store on time. My mother called Wow Wow Nails, and they agreed to stay open later just for us to come in. That is what I call incredible customer service. And they only get better.

The lady who helped us at the counter was so friendly and warm, and I will never forget what she did. She took me step by step through the process of using the french tip plate, which I had been struggling with for so long. She did a few for me and then watched and guided me until I could do my own, probable spending at least twenty minutes of her own time (keep in mind that they had held the store open for my visit). She was so patient and kind, and even though she was very far more advanced she spent all that time and effort just to help me.

Recently I had another experience with the wonderful staff of Wow Wow Nails. This just reinforces my belief in how amazing and friendly their staff and store really is. Nina, a wonderful woman who I was emailing with, explained it best. In her words she said "We try our best to give great customer service because we are customers ourselves". That is an understatement by far. Wow Wow Nails goes above and beyond "great" customer service.

With everything I have experienced through customer service, and the friendly in store visits, I would recommend to anyone Wow Wow Nails. I have already sent links to their website to many many friends, family, and even other bloggers.

I also have brought friends with me on trips to the store and even my mother has been passing on the word to her work colleagues and friends for their children.

I have never come across such kind and helpful staff, and I appreciate everything I have learned from the people at Wow Wow Nails. It will continue to be my number one nail art place, and I don't think I will ever get enough!

Here is the fun part for you Konad lovers:

In only about a year, this is what I have accumulated from Wow Wow Nails.

14 Image Plates

14 Polishes

2 Sparkle Stripers

3 Stamper/Scraper sets (Metal and Plastic)

1 Nail Polish Remover Pump (which both my mother and I believe is one of our best investments)

Overall, my addiction to nail art came from seeing the nails of the girls who worked at Wow Wow Nails. I remember specifically feeling so insprired and creative after watching a staff member create a ladybug out of the paint splatter design on m21. Mixing colours, stamping with white and then a colour, and all my other techniques came from in store demonstrations from the lovely staff of Wow Wow Nails.

The Wow Wow Nails store offers free demonstrations and help when you walk in.

They also offer a Free Nail Session with the purchase of any Kit.

They have a blog that offers video and photo tutorials on how to do nail designs, which I have found really helpful and inspiring.

The online website and gallery are here, to view and shop for all the products. If you live in Canada, I highly recommend shopping in store, as it is a wonderful and friendly experience.

Thanks to Wow Wow Nails for inspiring me and being the best customer service staff I have ever come into contact with.


AggiePigeon said...

wow, that's really cool! I also got the remover pump thing (from Amazon) and I love it too!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

That's awesome! They sound amazing. :)

Smita said...

that's awesome!
lemme know about the french plate! I am having difficulties with it too!

ThRiSzHa said...

awesome konad stuffs!!

Zara said...

Wow wow indeed! They sound really amazing!

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