Monday, July 12, 2010

Matte Zoya Glossy Tips

Happy Birthday to me! Over the weekend I finally got the Zoya Matte polish I have been wanting for ages, so here it is! I also have Zoya Astra, swatches coming soon!

I decided to spice it up with a glossy tip, and then went even further to make it sparkly! Yay for birthday manicures!

Very easy, fast, and simple to do, but still really interesting with the three way combination of matte, glossy tips, and glitter.

This is my beautiful Zoya Savita. It is a lovely purple with tiny gold flecks insome lights. I am in love with the matte-ness of it and am so happy with everything about it, including the bottle.

To get my glittery sparkle tips I used this really old Revlon one from the depths of the closet. I have no idea what it is called but it worked like a charm to give me exactly what I wanted.

I even did the tips freehand! Wow I think I am improving, they're actually pretty straight!
What do you guys think?

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