Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Basic French Mani

Alright, so here is my first attempt at a real french manicure. Seems simple right? White tips and a pink or nude nail. Well for an average, and slightly clumsy, beginner, I wanted to see how simple it really was.

If you are anything like me you cannot free hand the tips. So I turned to the guide strips. Using these was a bit of a challenge at first, trying to line them up to form a nice line at the right height. I am sure with more practice you can figure out where to put them without taking many many attempts and wasting time like I did.

The next step was painting the tips, which I was successful in doing. Waiting for the tips to dry allowed me time to chose a polish. My choice was P2 Colour Victim, in Charming. This is said to be long lasting and extra shiny. It was a pinky gold colour, with lots of shimmer, which really appealed to me.

So after wrestling my guide strips off, I cleaned up the minor smudges that bled under my guides with a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover. Then I painted two coats of my pink on top of the nail and tip. After that dried I used a clear top coat, just to seal in my new fancy manicure.

So overall I would say that a french mani done with guide strips is relatively easy. And I am sure for those of you who are not as handicapped in the art of polishing,you will get stunning results with much less struggle than I did.

I love this idea because it looks very fancy and professional, but can be done by anyone. If I can do it so can you, trust me!

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AggiePigeon said...

great job for a first try! I have a hard time with nail guides too, I usually just use acetone and a brush to do my tips.

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