Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Never Knew I Loved To Be Nude

No worries, this is still a blog about nail polish, nothing dirty!

This is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Choco-Latte. Great formula, really smooth and creamy to apply. I have had great results with all the Complete Salon Manicure line so far, and have a variety of colours that were provided by the company for me, this one included, so thank you Sally Hansen for sending this wonderful new love to me.

The only slight issue I have with it is the name, as any polish called Choco anything to me would be more brown. But hey, when it looks this good who cares what its called?
Today i wore my first nude nail colour! And I fell in love. For a girl who thinks brighter the better, this amazes me that I could love this colour so much. Something about the neutral, skin tone, creamy colour appeals to me big time. It is somewhere in between a pink, beige, peach combo and I really love looking at it.
Of course I had to add a little Konad to it, m57 of course. With Konad Special Polish in brown to stamp.

My lighting makes this nude creme look incredible! I feel so Hollywood movie star glam with this, even though its not a typical glam colour. It just blends into my skin like butter. Normally I want a polish that you can see really well, something that says "Bam!". But this little lovely says in a more sophisticated and subdued way "Hello, here I am, I am beautiful in my own understated way". At least that is what it says to me...
I only put the leopard/cheetah stripe thing on my ring and thumbs, as a diagonal, just to add something of interest to look at and notice from far away. Anyways, I cannot stop staring at it and cannot wait to wear it again and again!
Here was how it looked before I Konaded it. It just looks like a better versions of a non-polished nail I think. Skin tone with a but of warmth and pink to it.
Thanks again to Sally Hansen, and boy oh boy do you keep impressing me Miss Sally!
Love It!


Aurora's Nails said...

Why is it called chocolate? It's still very nice, though. I'm getting really into nude polishes lately.

Nail Junkie said...

yeah i don't understand that, it kind of looks like a milky coffee maybe.. thats stretching it though.
and this was my first one and i think i am getting addicted. it took some effort to make myself remove it!

Zara said...

This looks so gorgeous! I actually picked this up in Walmart yesterday and then decided not to get it...which I am regretting now. :) Also, I didn't know Sally Hansen gave stuff to bloggers! That is awesome!

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