Monday, July 5, 2010

Hawaiian Pink Flowers / Review

This was a very cute summery design that reminds me of Hawaiian flowers. I did this using a bright pink base, of NYC (New York Color) in Midtown. Thank you to the company for sending me this colour and others, very much appreciated!

This brand is supposed to be a quick dry formula, and I am very impressed to say it held up to that name. It took two coats, but they dried incredibly fast and for that reason I would use it again.

Unfortunately I am skeptical as to how I would use it. As a quick fix to just paint and go, it fills the spot. But for long wear it falls short. Within a matter of only hours, half a day at the most, it was chipped. As you can see in this picture it chipped my thumb in a large section, and my other fingers on the corners and tips. To use just for one night out this is a great brand, but for longevity I would suggest not to bother. This was with a top coat, and I was just sitting (or sleeping) in a car for many hours of the day, so it was not because of excessive activity with my hands.

Because of the chipping it isn't the best on my list, but like I said, for a quick fix I give it points because it really did dry in about a minute or less. So I must say while I do not love it, it receives a Like It.

Back to the design, I used Konad Special Polish in yellow, along with Sally Hansen White On. I used image plate m21. I began with the white stamp, and then on top of that, as close as I could get, I stamped with yellow. This dual stamping technique results in an almost 3D look when its finished. I think it looks really neat and I got many compliments. I finished with a dot of glitter in the middle of the flowers, and a Konad Top Coat.

What do you think?


ShortAndSweetNails said...

Pretty color. That sucks it chipped so fast. :(
I like the color combo you used.

Salim Reza said...

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