Friday, July 30, 2010

Should Have Been Birthday Mani

This is Astra, by Zoya. Had I known of it, or had it before my birthday, it would have for sure been my birthday manicure. This is every girly girl's dream! Pink and lots of glitter!

It has flecks of pink, red, silver and even gold colour glitter (at least in my eyes). In this shot above you can kind of see the gold shine in the middle two fingers, towards the left side of both.

This is just the shiny sparkly goodness of Astra.

It looks so good in all lights, I wish I could capture the stunning girly colour here!

Even outside it shimmers and sparkles like no polish I have ever seen before. I am in love.

This will be my birthday, New Year's, Valentine, Christmas, every single holiday mani! Okay probably not but still, I really love it. It just looks so festive and ready to party!

Do you guys love Astra as much as I do?

If that is even possible...


Aurora's Nails said...

Holy crap is that sparkly! I love that a lot! It's weird, I had a pencil when I was younger that was glittery and this color haha. I want this one, now!

Zara said...

Gorgeous! I don't have Astra, but it looks beautiful and it would be a great birthday mani!

AggiePigeon said...

that is gorgeous! Every girls' dream, I agree, didn't you say it was a pain in the 'astra' to remove though? =)

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