Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swap? Please

Since I am fairly new at this whole nail art blog thing, I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a swap.

I live in such a tiny town, which means that I never in my whole life even seen a bottle of China Glaze, never heard of Orly, only own two OPI and was just introduced to Zoya a few days ago.

I live a very sheltered polish life, and I live off Konad and Sally Hansen.

That being said, I am looking for a swap of anyone interested in some Konad plates (m54, 57, etc) and polishes (white or other colours), and almost any Sally Hansen you could ask for.

I also have a lot of L.A. Colour around where I live so I could pick that up easy, along with stripers from L.A. Colour. I also can easily get nail stickers of many kinds and fake nail as well.

Also I have Claire's and things like that so I can get you novelty polishes (scented, mood changing, etc). Pretty much anything you want.

Anything in my area I could get for you if you want something, including Essie Matte About you and some other things I know are popular lately.

So if anyone is interested please leave me a comment here and/or email me at

I am in Canada but would be up for a swap anywhere you live, hopefully North America just because shipping is easier.

Thanks! I hope to hear from somebody soon ...

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AggiePigeon said...

Hey, my e-mail is down right now for some reason. :/ I'll try a little later and we can exchange info but I would love to do a swap with you! Would you mind if some of the polishes were used once or twice? Would you like to try some FingerPaints polish?

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