Sunday, July 18, 2010

My New Favourite Pink! Wow!

I am so excited! Beyond excited! This came out of nowhere.

I was wandering the mall one lazy day, came into Claire's for its buy one get one half off. So I bought this little kit of Bubble Yum Scented polishes. I thought they were a cute novelty thing to try, see if they really smell like bubblegum. it had a few shades of pale pink, a blue and a purple.

Well, when I got home, a miracle happened. The boring pale bubblegum pink that I was trying solely for the purpose of scent, has taken over. I am so in love with this polish it is incredible I have the urge to run out and buy a hundred more. It actually looks so different than in the bottle it is amazing! I cannot stop staring at it!

The pictures do not do it justice to the amazing beauty and girly perfect pink of this polish!

It has the perfect amount of shine and sparkle and glimmer and everything girly! It looks dark pink and gummy in some lights, it looks light and shimmery in others, it sparkles and is just amazing! And it does smell like bubblegum haha.

I even risked ruining the beautiful colour and put Essie Matte About You on top. But it still looked amazing!

Anyways I could go on for years about this polish. I adore it! Yum yum yum for everything about it. So happy about my impulse purchase! I am so sad it came in a mini and I wish I could keep it on forever. I have yet to try the others yet, but I will keep you posted (haha nice little play on words bloggers).
Here is a video to try to capture the colour and the wonderful shimmer in action!

I keep smelling it and staring at it - oh wow I really love this polish! Love love love love love it!

Would you ever try this? I highly recommend it!

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skaki said...

i like this pink color,looks very beautiful and girly.

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