Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lime Yellow Triangle Print

Okay so these were done with Konad plate m64. I really like this plate because the full designs are fun and really interesting to do. Here are the supplies I used.

My base coat was this Golden Rose polish, a brand I have never seen before except on a tiny island in Greece, where I bought this one and several others. It is number 54, and I call it lime yellow because it is a mix of lime green and florescent yellow.

It needed four coats, which was pretty time consuming. If you try this design maybe use a thicker base so you won't have to do so many. Any florescent yellow colour would work.

I stamped the image using Essence Show Your Feet, in Caribbean Sea. I did the patterns in different directions each nail, because itvwould have been to hard to try and match the lines perfectly. I have never used a non-Konad polish to stamp, so this was a very successful first try!

Of course I used the Special Polish Top Coat, since this design was all over and I definitely did not want to smudge it.

I think it worked out pretty well. The stamping pattern looks green in some lights, blue in others, and the yellow/green base is really noticeable. Its neon and bright and screams summer fun to me.

This is one of my funkiest designs, and I will be trying it again in other colours very soon.


KarenD said...

Fun! That does look like a great plate; I'll have to make a note in case I ever manage to start stamping like I've been planning to try for months now. :)

AggiePigeon said...

Looks really really good! Great colors, reminds me of lemon-lime soda! =)

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