Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mommy's Flowered Mani

This is about as crazy of a manicure as I can get Mommy to wear. This one is a pink base (any old french one would do) and stamped with Insta-Dri in Instant Iris, which I still think does not look like Iris.

I stamped using White On first, and layered it with the colour, just to give it a different effect.

It is image plate m3, a really cute one full of tiny designs.

This was before the colour, I am almost tempted to say I like this one better.

What do you think, better before or after the colour on top?


Zara said...

I think I like it better in just white...very pretty though!

Aurora's Nails said...

I like the purple and white...but the just white one is nice, too!

AggiePigeon said...

I agree, maybe just white on this one, it's still pretty though. Just keep doing french manis for your mum, it makes her look like a classy lady!

Jules Dufresne said...

I like the final result - cute! :D

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