Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Covergirl Exact Eyelights Mascara

Alright, so I bought this thinking "I need a new mascara". And that is all. I didn't think it would brighten or lighten or do any sort of magic on my boring brown eyes. It was on sale and I figured why not?

Well now I completely changed my mind. Sure it doesn't make me look like Rihanna...but its getting me pretty close! My mascara had practically NO CLUMPS for the first time in basically my entire makeup history. The brush worked exactly as they said, smooth, even application, thin, no clumping. And hello - look at this!

This lovely little tube is said to deliver no clumps along with making my brown eyes pop. I'm not sure if I am popping or I just like to look at my unclumpy mascara, but I have been staring at my eyelashes all morning every time I pass a shiny surface, and I don't normally do that so that must mean they look pretty good.

They don't exactly pop, but they have a little bit of shimmery gold sparkles if you look closely. No I'm sure nobody really is going to get this close to my mascara, but I bet in some lights they may reflect a tiny bit.. who knows...but its nice to know I have sparkly mascara.

Can you see the little glimmers? I'm kind of proud of them.

For being on sale for 7$ Canadian, and getting my normally very unruly lashes almost completely clump-free, I would already say this is worth it.

It doesn't quite make my boring old brown eyes stand out, but it worked like a charm for being a basic mascara. I really liked the application, it was clean and crisp, and I know there is a little sparkle.

So this gets a surprising Love It.

What do you guys think?

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