Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do You Sea Those Green Eyes?

Wow, when I blog I really think I am so funny. I know I’m really not, sorry guys for all my lame jokes haha.

In fact I do not have green eyes, and yeah I spelled see like the water (sea) as a play on words about a sea green coloured eye makeup look. Was it funny? Probably not. Does it look good though? I think so.


I used Wet N Wild i-Shimmer retractable eye pencil. It is a sea green eyeliner with sparkle in it, and is called number 969 or 696, since it is a pencil I cannot tell which way is up or down. I really like the smooth creamy feel of this pencil, and although generally I make a mess with eyeliner this one was fairly easy to use.


I used Wet N Wild “color icon” eye shadow in Pride. This is a six colour set, including three matte shadows and three high-pigment shadows. They are also in the sea green and blue range, and it is no wonder because I bought the two products together. There are two whites, one shimmer one not, and the shimmer seems a slightly off white almost cream or ivory. Then two sea greens, one with shimmer that is a bit more dull where as the matte one is brighter (hence the high-pigment). Then there are two navy blues, one with shimmer one not, but in this case I think the shimmer one is slightly brighter and the matte more dull. 

I only used the sea green shimmer shadow in this eye look. I think what really makes it is the mascara. This mascara is wonderful, but only a sample size. I got it as a gift with purchase at Clinique (where I buy face wash and such) and now I know to always plan my purchases. I have gotten great luck every single time I get a free sample size mascara from Clinique. I literally live of them. They are my favourite mascara but much too expensive for me to buy a full size tube. I just wait and plan my face wash buying until there is a gift with purchase.


This on is called Clinique “high impact” mascara. I just really love everything about it. The colour is 01 Black and the brush is amazing. It applies super thick, but not in a clumpy way. It always makes me look like I have such dark, full, lush lashes. they look so long and healthy too. The other thing about this mascara is that it does not look too fake. Like I said, they look dark and full, but they do not look like each individual lash is perfectly defined, which I find could look fake.

So, there we have it, my makeup for the other day.

What do you guys think?


AggiePigeon said...

this is gorgeous!
*side note-You should talk in your YouTube videos, it makes it so we can 'see' your personality more! Half the time I only 'watch' YouTube videos to hear someone else's voice. =) I'm sure your voice is great too.

Nail Junkie said...

Awhh thanks so much AggiePigeon! I will do that for my next next video, I already finished the one I put up today. But next one I will, I have been a bit nervous your encouragement helped, and I know what you mean, hearing a voice makes it much better to watch & feel like you get to know them.

Nail Junkie said...
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