Friday, October 1, 2010

Featured Follower Friday - 3

This is now my third FFF, hooray! The lucky lady today is…


From Blue Tape and Nail Tips, Cyan is a great blogger who has such creative uses for this blue tape! I love the designs she comes up with, and I am always amazed at how she uses this tape to create sections and parts and pieces of every design. Also, her instructions are step by step so they are super easy to follow and understand.

This was a more recent one, and I love the colours, idea, and instructions for this design. It looks so difficult and intense, but she only has 4 steps. It looks exactly as she named it, like a shooting star.


She did this one for Easter and I think it is the most adorable Easter design possible! I was shocked to find out she used tape to make the cute little faces of the chicks. Also, the cracked egg shell is so detailed and creative. I am definitely trying this out for myself when Spring comes back.

Overall this blog is so amazing and you need to check it out, even to just marvel at the things one woman can do with tape and nail polish, such a combination!


ThRiSzHa said...

thanks for sharing this..

Zara said...

I'm so glad you featured Blue Tape and Nail Tips - she's awesome! :)

Cyan said...

I love when Bloggers share other blogs they like, and to see that you featured my blog is an honor! Thank you for the mention. Glad you liked the Easter design (it's one of my favorites as well!), and I hope you try it out sometime (send me the link if you do, please)!

Nail Junkie said...

ThRiSzHa & Zara - I know, isn't she amazing! I knew I had to feature this one asap!

Cyan- Thank you so much, I will definitely be trying this come easter, and am right now looking to buy myself a roll of that tape and try some of your other great designs!

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