Monday, October 4, 2010

Incoco Dry Nail Applique Tutorial & Review

Wow, what a mouthful that title is!

This is my video how-to for Incoco. This product is strips of dry nail polish that you peel and stick onto your nails. Great for times when you are in a hurry and have no time to let polish dry. They cost about 8$, which is generally an entire bottle of polish. Overall I like the idea, love the ones I was sent, but would not pay that much for myself.

The particular colour I used, Penny Rose, had me captivated the entire time I wore it. I loved it! So beautiful, a peachy pink pale rose colour with such gorgeous glitter flecks in it! I wish there was a polish this colour! Look at it! OMG! I am in love!

If anyoen knows of a polish that is similar to this colour please please please tell me!!!


AggiePigeon said...

yes, this one is super pretty but it looks like a total PITA to remove...worth it? I think so, it is truly spectacular!

Camille said...

Hi! I think the closest color is Eyeko Chi chi Polish=) Hope this helps

Claudia said...

I reminds me of Eyeko's Chi Chi!

Aninha said...

We have this exact colour with the glitter and all here in Brazil...
if u want, contact me and we can a deal... you send me a nail polish from there and I´ll send one from here!!!!!

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