Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Luck Midterm Mani


Yes, before you ask, I do think that bright red, zebra tips, and baby bows are good luck for my midterms. Don’t know why. But that was what I thought to give me luck so I did it the night before, and Voila! I had two midterms and I’m feeling pretty good about them!

I used three coats of Essie Lolipop, probably could have done with two though. I hate how it is spelled though, it really irritates me to type it that way. But I really love this polish – favourite red! I love how it applies. I think I generally love all Essie polishes. They are so smooth and nice to apply, although sometimes they do take quite a few coats to reach opacity but I think they are totally worth it.


Next step, I stamped some white tips with Konad Special Polish White, using image plate m19. Who else thinks they are really big? The tips would take up like an entire third of my nail if I used it all. I just roll it off the edge always to get a thinner tip line.

Third step, stamping with Wet N Wild black Creme using the full nail zebra image from plate m57. Again, only rolled part of the image on because obviously I didn't need the full image size. I had finally given this plate a break but it came back into my life. You just can’t break up such a happy couple I guess…


For a while it stayed like this, but then I figured I needed a little extra luck because it was my first ever midterms in my entire life! So baby bows from plate m3 were added to my ring fingers and thumbs. Then topcoat and BAM!


Or so i thought! I had to add one more thing, just to go over the top a little more. Glitter on top! Two coats of Wet N Wild Hallucinate.


Ahh, now its done. Love it!

Thoughts? Too Crazy? Or do you also have a specific colour or mani that you put on for a big occasion?


Since I did this mani for the midterm but I posted it today it is a little late. Which means I got my midterm mark back already. I got a 92% on my first University midterm! This mani worked!!


Aurora's Nails said...

Hell yeah 92! Congrats...this mani is awesome!

Freshie said...

I think black red and white go so good together! Congrats on the grade~

Playing With Polish said...

What a fun combination! :-) Congratulations on the good grade!!!

Fey (TheNailExperiment) said...

Hi! I loved your visit on my blog!
This is where i got my plates: http://www.amazon.com/Monster-Nailart-Stamping-Manicure-Accessories/dp/B003ILUQPM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=beauty&qid=1288406743&sr=8-1

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