Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Inspired


So I am not the kind of girl who will ever have creepy faces and zombies on my nails, definitely too intense for me haha. Halloween is actually my least favourite holiday, I hate being scared! But I am going to have some Halloween manis for you! The cuter ones, like this one, stripes, candy corn, pumpkins. They will be coming along in the next few days.

But this one is first. A base of OPI In My Back Pocket was my perfect bright orange. Then I stamped with Konad plate m54 and Wet N Wild Black Creme. This design was not at all interesting me until basically now. I have had this plate for a while, and love the other images on it, all flowers and girly. This one was just random, and I thought I would never use it. Now I love it and have a few more ideas for it.


So here is my first contribution to Halloween, pretty simple, nothing scary. I can’t believe Halloween is coming up less than a week away! You can expect some more manis soon, but sorry nothing creepy or crawly from me this year!


That’s all for now, thoughts anyone? Are you big on Halloween or more like me, take it or leave it?


The Princess said...

I think this mani came out really cute. Its also very good for people like yourself who want to celebrate Halloween but dont like zombies. Good Idea!

AggiePigeon said...

Yeah, I'm much more of a take it or leave it sorta girl when it comes to Halloween too. I am going to a murder mystery dinner where I have to dress as a maid so I will have something plain and french on my nails probably! lol.

rins said...

I'm not into Halloween as well but I do love painting y nails with those Halloween creatures. :) We really don't celebrate Halloween here. Although, I think going trick or treating would be nice because I love candies!

Nail Junkie said...

Awh Thanks everyone! This is pretty much as "halloweeny" as I get. I'm too weak for this scary holiday!

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