Saturday, October 30, 2010

FFF - 6

Trying to get back on track this week everybody, one day late though. I went to visit my best friend at her University so Friday happened to be my travel day. But there will be a FFF (on a Saturday) and it is…

my leetle nails

This blog is really cute and I love the adorable nail designs that are posted here. Some of them are pretty intricate and have a lot of different parts to them. This one for instance is one I really like, with the gradient and Konad on top.

My leetle nails

Also, this blog has really nice swatch photos, such as this one.

It looks really nice and professional, good photos and very nice swatch shots through out the blog.

I like this blog and I think it is very well done, keep it up!


Alexa1202 said...

I like her blog too :)

Lois said...

Wow, I love her blog! The gradient with the Konad is so pretty!

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