Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lush, The Godmother

Mmmm! This soap is incredible. It is by LUSH Cosmetics, and it is a very popular one that many people buy as a regular, including me. It is called The Godmother, and is connected to the shower gel called Snow Fairy, which I mentioned here.

Similar in scent (it was made to copy the shower gel into a bar form) it smells sweet like candy and all things girly. Not only is the scent great though, but it has an amazing washing feeling.

Personally I don't believe in soaps that don't lather and bubble, I feel like they aren't working if I cannot see it. So this one is great because it does make foamy bubbles. But on top of seeing it clean it leaves such a great feeling. My skins literally feels squeaky clean, which is something I strive for with shower products.

You know how some soaps and more scented bath products leave you feeling slimy or too moisturized, well this one leaves my skin feeling soft and not oily at all. That is a huge plus for me.

As with most LUSH items, the scent lingers long after you shower, which is great.

And of course it is environmentally and animal friendly, which for a vegetarian like me is a my favourite thing about the store.

Overall I really love using this soap, it says it is mainly meant for hands but I use it all over. It is a staple for many LUSH shoppers, myself included, and you should definitely try it yourself!

Do you guys have any favourite LUSH staples you always buy?


colorfulbottle said...

This is my favourite Lush soap =)

AggiePigeon said...

I've heard good things about this soap but I don't like "squeaky" clean 'cause that really dries out my skin. =( Although, have you tried Rockstar soap? That one leaves my skin pretty clean but not too too dry

Nail Junkie said...

colorfulbottle - yes its great, one of my faves too

aggiepigeon - yes i love rockstar as well! it was my very first soap i ever tried!

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