Monday, August 30, 2010

Guest Nails

Over the weekend I found myself a super cute assistant! After a family baby shower we ended up back at my place, where of course the nail polish is strewn all across the house. Immediately we found an activity while our mothers chatted...

We spent easily over an hour going through which of my polishes stamped over which. I learned a lot because I am constantly struggling with now knowing what colours show up over each other. This little session helped tremendously!

My new assistant (who is currently replacing Mommy as my hand model for today) was so sweet and had tons of suggestions for colours I should try. And she kept getting what we called "button hair", where her hair got caught in the button on the back of her dress! So cute!

Of course the swatching session would not have been complete without doing my little assistant's nails after..
She chose this right away, knowing exactly what she waned (which is a pretty hard decision when you are faced with about 15 image plates to pick from, sometimes I can't even decide). The white is Sally Hansen White On and the black is Sally Hansen Black Out.

I think it looks adorable! I know it might risk looking tacky on my nails or anything longer, but since hers are still petite it looked super cute! Stamped from m61.

We also did toes, since it is still summer. We went through a lot of options for these and ended up with white dots (White On) over China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. Stamped from m60.

I think both her hands and feet look great, and my audience (her mother and sister, my mother and brother) all agreed.

Thanks for all your help with picking my colours Tini!!! Come back soon :)

What do you guys think?

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