Friday, August 6, 2010

Brightened My Grey Day

Well this polish just brightened my dull grey day. This is called Grey Day, by Model's Own. It is my first and only from the brand, received in a swap with Sammy.

I had been really wanting a pale grey creme colour for so long, and even at first glance I knew this was perfect. But it gets better. This smooth and amazing polish applied with no problems whatsoever, in ONE coat! Can you believe that? I have never had that kind of luck with a polish, and come out with results this great.

It looks like a thick, creamy, multi-coat polish. But it isn't! One coat quickie.

Love It!


Emybloom said...

om nom nom!

Think my H&M Grey is called grey day too, I must check, hehe

Aurora's Nails said...

Can't believe that's one coat! That's one of the prettiest grays I ever seen.

Nail Junkie said...

it is completely opaque in one coat. I dont own any other polish that does that!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I love. :D Especially knowing it's one coat!!!

Zara said...

Wow, one coat! That's amazing...I only have one or two polishes that do that, and they're both Zoyas.

milan and vanaily said...

Oh thats a sweet gray!
I just did a post on a one-coater grey too. hehe

Nail Junkie said...

Short & Sweet - yes that is something that makes me love it a little extra knowing its on coat..

Zara - I have two zoyas, one is glitter (astra) so ti takes a few cota, but i will defintelty go check my other zoya now that you said yours are!

Milan & Vanaily - haha i just looked at your blog, that funny it should be a grey too. hmm... maybe its the colour

Sammersaurus said...

That's really nice. A great creamy Grey. Good choice ;)


Sadi said...

wowwww very nice color
i love it

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