Monday, August 16, 2010

Redo Grey Day

This is such a nice polish I had to come back to it in a matter of days. Only a few short days (or was it hours...I remember this polish so clearly) ago I swatched Grey Day for you. But I loved it so much I did a full mani with it.
I wanted to keep it simple because I loved the colour on its own so much! So I used a jem sticker from Nailene on my ring fingers. The photo above is in the natural light (at night) indoors. Below is with flash. See how the jem sparkles!? So simple and still pretty. The colour of this polish still amazes me (one coat remember!) as it is a smoky grey, or steel grey in some lights, and a slate grey in others. And sometimes its light sometimes its dark. It is all I ever wanted in a grey polish, and a bonus was the one coat!

Thanks again for the swap Sammy!


Sammersaurus said...

No problem, Emily! I really like that colour. I haven't recieved my package yet :(
Everytime I go downstairs in the morning, the first thing I ask my parents is 'Any packages?' Haha
Your package must have been very lucky and just caught the last flight out of the UK!

maRyya said...

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Aurora's Nails said...

I loooove that gray!

KarenD said...

Grays are great! (Now if I could just decide if I should spell it gray or grey...)

I tagged you with an award:

fisiwoman said...

This grey color is fantastic for this winter. I love it!

Ana Belén R.M

Nail Junkie said...

thanks everyone,

sammy - i hope to comes soon!

maRyya - i will check soon, i have been away for the week

aurora - i love it too!

Karend - i will check that as soon as i can, thanks!

fisiwoman - yes it is very good for winter i agree!

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