Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grassy Tips, PHD Challenge Entry

This was my entry to PHD's Challenge this week, just for tips! The tips I did are supposed to resemble grass, with flowers growing. I used Konad image plate m44 (a tip plate) to stamp vertical lines in green, to look like blades of grass. Then I used plate m3, (the tiny images) and stamped little flowers throughout my grassy fields.

I used Konad Special polish in green, for the grass, and Aldo Nail Lacquer in Berry Flirty. I have never used that brand to stamp with, and it was a little bit difficult but I just love the colour so I fought through it. It was a little thin so sometimes my images didn't always take properly, and it was hard to work with because it dried on the plate before I could even scrape or stamp it. I had to work much faster than I do with the Konad polishes.
Overall I think my idea worked out. It looks like blades of grass with little flowers in it. I took photos with a tree just to amp up the nature aspect. I even got compliments on these nails while out shopping today, and one was from a guy, so they must be really noticeable!
What do you guys think, cute idea or not so much?


Alexa1202 said...

This is great! Looks very good :) I think I will try it soon :)

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Sammersaurus said...

I love it! All the entries this week were amazing :D

shortnails said...

yay another canadian blogger. i always get excited finding other canadians.

you did great with the french tip konad. how did you line it up so well?

Christine ;D said...

OMG this is way too cute! ;D

Nail Junkie said...

thank you everyone! I am glad you like it

shortnails - I have been "konading" for about three years, so a lot of proactic is how i lined it upo so well, you'll get there :)

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