Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bigger (And Better) Haul!

Hello haul! This haul was a big spender for me, especially with a student budget and no job currently. But I verified each and every purchase, and in my mind, since I now have a blog and lovely audience for my polishing, I NEEDED them, not just wanted them. So that makes it okay right?Here I have three polishes I really have been on the lookout for. Essie Lolipop, OPI Ginger Bells, and Wet N Wild Black Creme.

I have always wanted a real red, the only ones I have are shimmery or too dark or light. Essie Lolipop seems like that perfect bright apple red to me, and the Essie polishes were on sale from 8.95$ to 6.25$. It was meant for me to buy!

The Ginger Bells is a colour I have been eyeing for quite some time, it it warm and very good for the holidays, which I do not have any good holiday polishes that aren't red. And plus it is a more original colour that I have nothing close too. Oh! And it was in the "discontinued" bin which means that it was down from 12$ to 7$! Again, reasonable right?

Next is the Wet N Wild, which I have constantly been hearing is the best black creme, great on its own and for Konad stamping. And for only 2$ at the drugstore, it is definitely and acceptable purchase. Here we have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light. Now, my reasoning for this is that it looks similar to OPI Mad as a Hatter, which is a polish I am dying for. But instead of tracking it down (unlikely as that is) and paying 12$ or more, this was on 3$ and looks like it will be a nice replacement for me. For now... I can't promise I will restrain myself forever.
And here are my babies! I am in love. I have been wanting the Essie Resort Collection since the day I first saw it. That alone is enough reason to buy them right? And I did not buy the whole I get some points for restraining..right? And like I said Essie was on sale, down to only 6.25$ each. That is still acceptable.

Since I justified all of my purchases, and I cannot stop staring at all of them, I am quite proud of my little haul here. I am super excited to swatch these and play with them!

I have already been using some of these, but still have a couple to swatch for you guys. What do you think?


Freshie said...

Good haul! I too am guilty of just staring at my new polishes. Shaking them, opening them up to look at their glory ;) crazy I know.

Nail Junkie said...

Haha yes, it seems I spend more time looking at them than actually using them!

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