Friday, August 6, 2010

Help! Essie Polish Problem

I purchased my Essie Matte About You in a two polish set, called Wickedly Matte. The Matte Top Coat I could easily distinguish from this polish, and I was way more excited about that so I put this aside. Recently I have pulled it out again, and noticed something strange.

Although the box set is called Wickedly Matte, and on the box it says the colour should be Wicked, the bottom of this polish says Material Girl. I am unfamiliar with Essie polishes, so I am looking for somebody to identify this polish.
Here it is as a swatch on a few fake nails, in case the colour in bottle is different than out.
So, with thanks in advance, please can somebody tell me if this is in fact Material Girl or Wicked?

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Asami said...

I would always, always, always go by what's printed on the bottom of the bottle. It's much more likely the wrong bottle was put in the box than the wrong label on the actual bottle. Material Girl and Wicked are so similar anyway, that I'd have to see them both next to each other to notice any difference.

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