Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Day Mani

I don’t know why but I just love Valentine’s Day! Maybe because my favourite colour is pink and I love heart shaped anything. So for one whole day the entire world loves what I love all year round. It makes me so happy. Even without a “valentine” I think this day is just meant for love love love! To anyone, a best friend, sister, Mommy, my cat, a bottle of nail polish, whatever you love!
Anyways, what I love right now is my manicure at the moment. I used a polish by Faces, number 139. I wish they had names, those are my favourite parts about nail polishes haha, the silly or cute name that goes with each colour.
But this colour is really pretty, even without a name. It sort of looks like a rosy pinkish purple colour, leaning more towards the pink but still that hint of mauve. It isn’t crazy bright but is bold enough that it doesn't look dull. I stamped using black to add more sharpness to the mani, but I can see it being softer and sweeter had I used a pale pink or white to stamp with too.
The stamping I did was with Wet N Wild Black Creme, my go to black stamping polish. I seriously have tried about five others but this one always wins out. Even over the Konad Special Polish, I always choose this one. The image plate I used was m73, the little heart tip pattern on the side.
Overall I love it, and hopefully you guys feel the love tomorrow too.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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