Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perfect Pink Pout

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Need I say more?
Really does it need words?

I don’t think it does…

But I guess I’ll give some anyways.
This is my latest love, a Lipastick Glossy Lip Pen from Eyeko. This one is in Loud Mouth, a hot pink colour, and I bought it online with a few other things. I have done a review of a couple other Eyeko products, such as this Blush Duo and London Lips Lipgloss.
This is like a lip crayon type of product (don’t know why it is called a pen, not inky at all…very creamy actually), but it really surprised me. It was so silky smooth and soft I was really impressed. It is creamy like a chapstick, but has the colour intensity and pigment of a lipstick. It is not dry at all and actually stays like that for most of the wear time. It was still smooth and blendable when I rubbed my lips together even after wearing it for a few hours. The colour did fade over time. but it was so amazingly soft to apply that I enjoyed reapplying throughout the day.

The image below shows how blendable this product is. From the short line I swatched on my hand I could blend it out all the way from my knuckles to back past my wrist. That really proves that this pigmented colour can go a long way, and you can change the intensity of the pink by rubbing some of it off.
I never thought I could be one to wear hot pink lips, I am pretty shy and reserved, and although I  love fashion and beauty I am not the type to wear statement making pieces. This however did surprise me. I have been wearing it on and off for a few weeks and love it every time I see myself. In the reflection of the elevator I can’t take my eyes of my lips!

I wore it for a presentation in one of my classes and I felt so empowered! I felt like people listened to what I had to say because it was coming from such a bold looking mouth.

This really makes me feel so pretty when I wear it, maybe because it is such a girly pink colour. Eyeko’s website says this “Rosy pink lips always looks polished and effortless” and I agree. I felt like I looked very stylish and sophisticated, yet still so feminine. And it was effortless, just a simple lip product and my whole entire look changed drastically. It reminded me of a retro look, which I have been sporting with this product lately. Big ringlet curls on my dark hair, liquid black eyeliner, and this hot pink pout.

Anyways, I really really love this product and everything about it. Colour, quality, texture, and more importantly how it makes me feel when I wear it.  I know I said that picture didn’t need words, and now I think I rambled, so thanks to anyone who stuck through this post!

If you’re interested in buying this product or any other from the Eyeko site, use my Ambassador code (right hand side of my blog) and you’ll get a free gift in your order!

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