Friday, June 25, 2010

Covergirl Smoky ShadowBlast

Alright well, I must say I am disappointed. I knew going into this I would not come out looking like this.. Drew Barrymore, but the eye shadow was way off. Not only was the colour very weak, but the texture and feeling is definite turn off.

I used Covergirl Smoky ShadowBlast in Bronze Fire. I was expecting an actual colour to some out of this. I feel like i look exactly as I started, maybe a bit of shimmer.

Step 1 is a pale gold colour shadow stick, with a rounded end. Use it on the whole lid for the base colour.

Step 2 is a dark brown colour that looks rich and deep in the stick. On my eye it was pretty much invisible. It is used for the crease and blending, to give the smoky look, darker on the crease and outer lid. It did not do that for me.

The top is my eye with only Step 1. The bottom is with Step 2. I see very little difference, if any at all even.

The biggest issue with this product has got to be the feeling. The fact that I can feel it at all is a problem straight away. It feel heavy on my lids. It was slimy and sticky and just feels very gross. Especially in summer, who wants their eyelids to be sticking together? Mine are right now and it is not pleasant. I thought at first it may dry to a powder or at least dry at all, it didn't. I have been doing routine checks to see if it still feels wet and sticky, and its been about an hour and it is still very slimy. I hate to say it but its a gross feeling. My eyelid is literally stuck open and I can feel that squishy feeling every time I blink. I am expecting it to basically melt off my face soon...

Another issue is that i have build up of the product in my crease. it really is not working out well, especially compared the the video on the website. I was expecting much more vivid pigment for the colour, and an actually workable product. I got neither.

Overall its a great idea, two colours to make a perfect smoky eye, all in one compact product. But when actually put to the test, it isn't the greatest. From far away it looks like a natural maybe shimmery pale shadow. It was supposed to be an intense dramatic smoky eye.

Unfortunately I will not be using this again, which is a shame because the colours are nice (a little light and pale for my taste, but still pretty for something), the feeling turns me off completely. I feel like it is a waste of a great idea because it just feels so yucky when its on.

Leave it.

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