Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

Okay so here goes my first product review! This is the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. Big name for such a small product. But as they say, size does not matter. This product turned out to be fantastic.

The first two or three times I used it though, I found it to be thin and watery. I did not like it one bit. But the fourth time, it was amazing! Clearest little lines I have ever seen. SO much better than the toothpick method most of us use for little dots. It made the tiniest flowers and was so precise.

Also, it was great to use because when I made a mistake, I could rub it off with my finger and it was gone. I didn't have to use remover or anything. But once i left it for about 30 - 45 seconds it was dry. It needs a top coat to keep from chipping, but what doesn't?

Obviously nobody really wants to decorate their nails like this, but I was trying to show what you can do. You can write full words! Tiny little baby hearts. Really small and precise dots. I did this in about a minute, so obviously much better work can be done with this nifty little pen.

Anyways, it is so great, I am definitely running out to buy more colours, I have so many possibilities in my head now! I recommend this for sure. I can't say yet how long it lasts, but it is way better than trying to dip a gloopy toothpick into a bottle and getting it all over. Very cute, very useful.

Love it.


Asami said...

This looks really, really great! Like you mentioned, I was disappointed to find mine very thin and watery. Unfortunately I stopped using it because it wasn't as opaque and clear as I was hoping. Obviously I should have given it another shot because it looks very nice. I'll have to find mine around here somewhere, shake it up and give it another go!

Nail Junkie said...

Yeah I gave up on mine and just picked it up again because it was sitting there and I was bored.. I am very glad I did though!

Thank you again for everything, you are so kind!

alikat789 said...

Looks like i need to give my pen another go. I've tried the dots with it but it just seems to create a donut effect. Maybe the next time it will be better do you have a special technique you do to start the pen??

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