Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nailene's Artificial Nails

These are my life savers. Anytime I can't use my own nails for a mani (either they broke, or they are too small for designs, or I just want nails that look better than my real ones) I put on a set of these. I currently have 3 packs of the 200 count nails (yes I am aware that is 600 nails..) in my room. They only cost about 9$ Canadian, which for 200 nails (a possible 20 manicures) that price is amazing!

Here they are unpainted, these are just the full cover 200 count.

They look so real its hard to tell sometimes. They look better than my "real" for sure. I cannot even count how many times people have thought they were my own nails. They are always surprised to learn that they're fakes. Even a friend who works at a nail salon and applies fakes every single day of her life, to countless people, did not honestly believe me when I told her they were not really my nails. They're that good.

I love using these nails when I get a really great idea for a design, but am already wearing something on my own nails. Instead of taking my polish off, I can just do a full set on the Nailene fakes, and have it ready for when I need to wear them. They are so good that I know exactly which ones fit my nails, and do not have to file ever. I buy the Active Square size/length and they fit my nails perfectly. Never once have I had to file any of them to fit my nail bed. Occasionally I trim them at the tips if I need really short nails (typing test for a job interview), but generally they go on with no extra work from me.

Another great thing about them is that they leave my natural nails in nearly perfect condition. These are my before and after shots (before first, after second), and other than some leftover glue which can easily be buffed off with the file/buffer that comes in the kit, they are exactly the same. I love these nails because I do not have to worry about my nails being in bad shape when I remove the fakes.

These nails look even more real when I paint over them, and they make it almost impossible to tell they are fake. I cannot believe I have gone so many years (I just was "introduced" to Nailene this year) without these. My manicures have never looked better, if I do say so myself! Wearing these Nailene full cover fakes makes me feel like I have such pretty hands.

They take hardly any effort to wear, just glue and apply. Simple! And great results. They last for over a week, I only remove because I am excited to try something new, but I am sure I could last more than the 7-8 days of normal wear.

I have also found that any of my nail art designs (Konad, stickers, etc) look a lot nicer on the Nailene nails. They have a bigger canvas (bigger than my tiny, short real nails) for me to play with designs and that is something I really like.

Here are the So Natural French Tips.

Nailene also has pre-designed fake nails, if you are not up to painting the full cover ones yourself. I use these too sometimes, when I want a design that is too intricate for me, or I just need a quick mani (like I said, glue, apply, and go). There are plain french tips (above) or couture style ones (below). Each box of these has 24 nails, in 12 sizes, so you are bound to find one that fits your nails.

Overall, there are many reasons I love Nailene artificial nails. Full Cover, French Tips, or Couture, all of these look natural and beautiful. They are affordable and easy to use, very long wear, and very chip resistant.

Personally I have great fit with them, never needing to file, and the shape matches my natural nail beds perfectly.

Right now, Nailene Girls is having a giveaway, so you could win some of these amazing products that I love so much! There are so many more too, check out their website http://www.nailene.com/.

These are the best artificial nails I have ever used, and I am sticking to them for the rest of my manicuring life. With the great price and great results, Nailene nails are my favourite!


Aurora's Nails said...

Wow, even up close they look real!

Nail Junkie said...

Yes, especially the ones with the purple polish on. Those were great!

Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

omg - you have 600 nails ready to go?

I only have 2 boxes on the go - for one of them I shaped all ten of my finger nails and labeled one of the partitioned sections for each nail..... I filed and created 'sets' of nails, so that in the event that I decide to remove my false nails and apply a new set they are ready to be glued on ASAP ===OR==== b if i loose one and cannot find it to glue it back on - I have a perfectly shaped nail ready to go.

I use that that poster tack stuff to attach the pre-shaped and filed nails to those large Popsicle sticks that can be found at dollar stores and paint the nail and decorate..... I don't think I have the skill to try it like you do.

This was an awesome review and like you I am happy that I use these too.

Nail Junkie said...

i do have all 600 ready to go, about half unpainted though. but i do not need to file the nails so they come "ready to go" for me. i paint them when i get an idea and then set them aside for when i need to wear :)

Victoria said...

I have never used artificial nails for fear they were too artificial, but these are absolutely perfect! Undoubtedly, I have to try!

Silverstargirl said...

wowww they look so perfect and original

Jess Grey said...

Wow this is amazing! Best blog I have read!

Fred said...

I love them too, but cannot get them off. Soaked in acetone, per directions, and both fake and real nail dissolved at tip but the center of the nail is still attached and very rough and real nail looks destroyed. Help

Barbie Chiu said...

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beckie maughan said...

I'm going in May to Tenerife wanna wear nailene nails as I love them but will they be ok in the heat??

Mrs Hooper said...

They will be ok in heat, in water, in whatever! they are the best!

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